Record Numbers of People Turn To Funeral Plan Cover

Funeral costs have been spiralling over the last 10 years and this has led to an influx of people turning to funeral plan insurance to provide peace of mind and support for their families.

A decade ago funeral plan insurance wasn’t the norm, but now over half a million people in the UK have turned to a funeral plan for security reasons, cost-effectiveness, and to ensure funeral costs stay at today’s prices.

The Popularity of Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are an excellent way to provide peace of mind to your family upon your passing. Organising a funeral can be extremely expensive, and a funeral plan covers the cost of a funeral and all of its expenses.

Even basic funerals can now cost over £3,000, which is before costs for catering and other requirements such as estate administration, which the British government does not assist with. Ultimately, a funeral can cost over £8,000.

If a person hasn’t prepared for these costs, relatives will be left to pay for these expenses. These prices are set to increase in the coming years, which is why funeral insurance plans have become an attractive prospect. The benefits they provide include:

  • Funeral plans can be paid in easily manageable monthly instalments.
  • Help your family and friends – they pay nothing upon your passing.
  • You don’t have to worry about price increases – keep funeral costs at today’s prices.
  • Most funeral plans do not have any health checks – sign up and to be covered.
  • Find peace of mind with the right plan for your circumstances.
  • No need for life insurance – a funeral plan will cover all your expenses.

Comparing the Funeral Plan Market

Services such as Which Funeral allow people across the UK to search the leading UK funeral providers and locate a funeral plan for their circumstances. You can keep funerals at today’s prices with online calculators which are easy to use.

You can quickly search the funeral plan market and determine which plan is best for you. In so doing, you can keep funeral costs at today’s prices, provide a reassuring and secure future for your family and friends, and you can pay for the plan in monthly instalments.