Securing the right funeral plan will cover the costs of expensive requirements such as a coffin, the funeral service, and flowers. It will also save you money and time by allowing you to pre-prepare your funeral whilst taking financial burden away from your loved ones.

Lower Funeral Costs

With funeral costs rising year-on-year since 2004, the key benefit to arranging a pre-paid funeral plan is keeping costs at today’s prices. The plans are affordable and flexible, meaning no matter what your financial situation is you will be able to fund your plan, typically with low monthly payments.

A pre-paid funeral plan will keep costs as low as possible. However, you’ll also be able to plan your funeral to the specifications you want. This pre-planning will ensure your loved ones know it’s the service you’ve asked for, providing them with comfort during a time of stress.

Help Your Loved Ones

A pre-paid funeral plan is a wonderful way to take the burden off grieving loved ones at your passing. By ensuring you have a plan in place, you’ll keep costs as low as possible and won’t force your family or friends to fund your funeral costs.

Funeral plans are flexible and some come at a low cost, ensuring you can provide for your loved ones with the minimum of fuss. Ultimately, the funeral plans you pay for will provide your loved ones with peace of mind at a time of stress.

Why Compare the Funeral Market?

  • Fix funeral costs at today’s prices & save over £500

  • Compare market leaders for the best deal

  • Find peace of mind

  • Secure low monthly payments

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no health restrictions

  • Help loved ones at a time of bereavement