In 2016, the cost of a basic funeral is over £8,000. These costs will continue to rise families with fewer choices to commemorate loved ones. What is the solution?

The Cost of Dying

A basic funeral costs £3,693 pounds, but additional factors such as the amount spent on a send-off (£2,000), and the average cost of hiring a profession (£2,433), brings the total cost of dying to £8,126.

With the cost of dying now over with even the most basic funeral service. With funeral costs rising year-on-year, many people are resorting to alternative measures to provide their loved ones with a respectful funeral service.

Additional Funeral Costs

If you live in London, the average cost of a basic funeral is even higher at £5,068. Other options once seen as cost-effective, such as a cremation, will also cost £7,715.

There are also added extras for each funeral which can add an additional £2,000 to costs. This includes the memorial, catering, limo hire, flowers, venue hire, death and funeral notices, order sheets, and service cards.

With these figures set to rise in the future, many families are now taking the initiative to stall funeral costs at today’s prices. You can do this easily, and for free, with our online calculator.

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